When I first heard from Erin she was one of those ‘oh please let her be my bride!’ people.  She and Jordan are so relaxed and laid back and wanted a country spring feel to their session.  When fortunately from them they only live about 30 minutes from my families ranch so we met up there in Bangor and had an absolutely amazing peaceful engagement session there.

Before I start carrying on, Jordan is a military man stationed at Beale in the Air Force so everyone raise a glass for his outstanding level of sacrifice.  This young adorable couple got engaged on one frosty trip to Tahoe where Jordan took to his knee and gave her a watermelon flavored ring pop! Y’all:  you know it’s love if they get you the watermelon flavor.

These two laughed for their entire session and followed me all across my dads piece of property on this gorgeous overcast day.  I love shooting engagement so much, there’s nothing but excitement and energy for the upcoming nuptials in those moments.  Now I just need more Northern California couples so I can shoot here all the time!

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Erin and Jordan {Are Engaged!}

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