If you don’t know Anthony and Mersedes then let me give you what insight I have gleaned from this amazing day in their lives.  I was fortunate enough to witness each of them separately and together during the day and was lucky enough to even have time to shoot their portraits in relative privacy.  These two just completed one another.
Mersedes had the slightest look of being anxious when I came into the bridal suit at the Spanos Reserve.  At first I thought it was nerves but as the day progressed and we finally got her to where she was waiting to walk down the aisle she peaked out of the doors and released a sharp breath while exclaiming ‘I just want to hug Tony!’ and it became clear that she was only anxious to see her soon to be husband.
Mersedes and Tony were high school sweethearts and became inseparable and fell in love as they realized they didn’t want to spend a moment apart.  When the time was right Tony bought a ring and probably planned some romantic proposal in secret from Mersedes. But unfortunately, he didn’t hide the receipt from the jewelry store very aptly and Mersedes found it.  She pestered him relentlessly about the purchase, trying to make him cave, and finally he did and would propose to her in their home when he couldn’t take the pressure anymore! Atta girl!
Planning her wedding was a fun and personal experience for Mersedes, she didn’t use a planner and used the chance to bond more closely with her friends and family all while pouring over pinterest for inspiration and ideas.  It had to be challenging planning a wedding from another state but as you will see, Mersedes pulled it off.
Mersedes said that while preparing to walk down the aisle she felt overwhelmed by emotions as soon as the girls started walking and the music began.  She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to walk down the aisle to her best friend and the most amazing man she knows.
Tony’s reaction is really evident in the photos, but when asked his told his bride “When I saw you come down the aisle I knew everything I wanted was right there, you looked absolutely amazing and all I could do was smile”.  Now if that isn’t darling I just don’t know what is.  It is so obvious how much these two care for one another.  True love is such a privilege to witness, I am so honored that I was given this opportunity to document this day for such an amazing couple and family.  So please enjoy the wedding of these two amazing young people who are looking forward to growing their family and experiencing life’s adventures hand in hand.  Feel free to leave them some words of advice, love, or encouragement in the comments.

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Anthony and Mersedes {Tied the knot!}

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